CORR-EX Reports

Case study paper on corrosion of electrical conductors in pulp and paper industrial applicationsAdded 12th February 2019
Electrical Connector Corrosion Prevention
Improves Reliability, Reduces Maintenance Man-Hours,
Increases Mission Capable Rate,& Reduces Costs
Added 22nd May 2017
Mitigating the Impact of False Alarms in Military SystemAdded 22nd May 2017
Managing the “False Alarms” & “No Fault Found” Events in Military Avionic SystemsAdded 22nd May 2017
An Economic Analysis of FA and NFF Events in Air VehiclesAdded 21st May 2017
HFC 227ea Paper – Real Fire Suppression System ProblemsAdded October 2012
SuperCorr A solvent replacement study Batelle LaboratoriesAdded January 2012
F-16 Connector Corrosion Prevention by David Horne, Bell Labs, F-16 System Program OfficeAdded May 2011
Effects of Corrosion Inhibitive Lubricants on Electronics Reliability – Scott L DotsonAdded May 2011
Prevention and Control in Corrosion – NATO Paper by M ColavitaAdded May 2011
2005 Tri-Service Corrosion Conference, Electrical Connector Corrosion Prevention by David HorneAdded April 2011
Use of MIL-L-87177A as a corrosion prevention compoundAdded April 2011
2007 Tri-Service Corrosion Conference, Effects of Lubrication of LRU Electrical ConnectorsAdded April 2011
Royal Navy Test LetterAdded July 1999
AmTrac Test Approval LetterAdded March 2001
Addendum to Alphatech Report 10108 Issue 2Added April 2011
Salt Spray Test ResultsAdded July 2008
Galbraith Laboratories Flammability test for Super CORR A – September 2011Added November 2011
Chilworth Global Flammability test for Super CORR A – August 2011Added November 2011
SuperCorr A RoHS Risk Assessment test Results – November 2011Added December 2011


EnviroTech Europe, Ltd., NCAGE number: U0H05
SuperCORR A aerosols
Type I, Grade B (Aerosols)
Type II, Grade B (Bulk)
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CORR-EX corrosion protection products are supplied and supported by EnviroTech Europe Ltd.  Manufactured in the United Kingdom and available on short delivery times through our dedicated team of distributors in Europe and the Middle East.

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