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SuperCORR A - Aerosol Spray Cans
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Corrosion Protection For Military Applications


SuperCORR Ais recommended by commercial and military aircraft manufacturers for electrical and close mechanical application, especially where salt fog and sea to mountain flights regularly occur.


Meets MIL-DTL-87177B (Revised MIL-L-87177A) specifications and has industry approval from NASA, U.S. Air Force, U.S Air Force, U.S. Navy, Polish Airforce, UK Royal Navy and the Royal Norwegian Air Force amongst others. For more information see Military Specifications.


Prevents the corrosive damage to electronics and other surfaces caused by exposure to the Sulfur dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Ammonia (NH3), Chlorine based gases (CL12) based gases in Class III mixed gas tests as well as the thermal decomposition by product of HFC-227ea used in fire suppression systems, Hydrogen Fluoride (HF).Read more.

151390 a P-3A as N15390 Department for Homeland Security (3144514265)
F-16 Jet

Case study


LEFT : SuperCORR Ais used by the U.S. Airforce on F-16 Jet Aircraft avionics and electronics connectors.


The U.S Air Force in conjunction with Air Force Research Lab, Batelle Labs, Sandia National Laboratories, and a number of F-16 and F-15 squadrons have been testing SuperCORR Afor several years, with excellent results. Read more.

The Air Force has calculated a cost saving of approximately $450 million, over three years, on the 150 F-16 aircraft based at different geographic locations around the U.S. Initial estimates indicate cost savings could reach $500 million annually for the entire F-16 fleet. Read More.

151390 a P-3A as N15390 Department for Homeland Security (3144514265)
P 3 Orion

Case study


LEFT : SuperCORR Ais used by the U.S. Navy on P 3 Orion electronic surveillance aircraft.





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Case study


LEFT : Jackscrew treated with oil based lubricant after water contact.


RIGHT : Jackscrew after contact with water and 
two weeks normal operation after application of


Application of SuperCORR A to the flap tracks, jackscrews and asymmetry detector chains of the U.S. Navy’s entire P3 fleet, may save more than 40,000 maintenance man-hours per year. The cost saving when use is expanded to other areas will be significant. Jackscrews extend and retract P-3 wing flaps. As the screwjacks are carbon steel, if any moisture is present corrosion develops within hours . This corrosion results in additional wear and binding of the P-3 flap tracks and screwjacks so an oil based lubricant was previously applied during the daily maintenance.

Corrosion Protection

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